1.75 mm
2.85 mm
1 kg
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Numakers™ Wood PLA is our first speciality material made from 25% recycled wood fibers and 75% virgin PLA. Prints made from PLA Wood not only looks like wood, they also feel and smell like wood. Wood composite not only enables a natural, unique look, but also provides a virtually warp-free printing. You might feel like you are entering a wood workshop instead of a printer room while printing this material.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Unbeatable wood-like finish
  • Easy to use for both home and office environments
  • Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic wood-like detail
  • Virtually Warp-Free
  • Easy to use
  • Wood Scent

Note: Since Wood PLA contains natural wood fibers, we recommend using a 0.5mm or larger diameter nozzle, as this significantly reduces the chances of clogging. 


Diameter tolerance:               ± 0.03 mm

Ovality:                                  ≥ 95%

Extruder temperature:           190-220°C

Bed temperature:                  50-60°C (Heat Bed Not Needed)

Drying:                                  65°C for 2-4 hours

Weight:                                 1 kg of filament (+ 200 g spool)

Hygroscopy:                          Medium

REACH:                                Yes

ROHS:                                   Yes

  1. Jason Mathews

    Wood PLA is simply awesome. We use it to make night lamp stands for Etsy. What’s unique is that this filament hides the layer lines, might be due to wood fibers in the filament.

  2. Jon G

    LOVE this filament! I printed small ring boxes for our wedding and they look and feel like natural wood. Been using for small planters and home accessories. Plus, when printing, the room fills with the pleasant smell of burning wood. I use an E3Pro, print at 215/60.

  3. Garret

    This is our 4th bulk purchase of wood filament and super happy with the results so far. It truly does smell and look like wood. Interesting thing is that the wood fibers hide the layer lines which makes print look smooth. Keep it up Numakers!

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