PLA Plus – Pitch Black


1.75 mm
2.85 mm
1 kg
Quantity Price per unit
0 - 4 $18.99
5 - 9 $15.99
10 + $13.99
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Numakers™ PLA + is made using 100% virgin Natureworks Ingeo™ 3D850 resin without any fillers. Our PLA filaments have excellent 3D printing characteristics such as precise detail, good adhesion to build plates, less warping or curling, and less odor. PLA is our most easy-to-use material, with the widest section of colors. If you are looking for a reliable & high-quality filament for everyday use, this is the filament for you.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Unbeatable finish
  • Easy to use for both home and office environments
  • Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail
  • A wide selection of colors
  • High impact resistance
  • Low order

Data Sheets:

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Diameter tolerance:               ± 0.03 mm

Ovality:                                  ≥ 95%

Extruder temperature:           200-230°C

Bed temperature:                  30-60°C (Heat Bed Not Needed)

Drying:                                  65°C for 2-4 hours

Weight:                                 1 kg of filament (+ 200 g spool)

Hygroscopy:                          Medium

REACH:                                Yes

ROHS:                                   Yes

  1. George P

    I am very happy with the value and quality of the filament. I used to buy bulk filaments from GST3D until I found Numakers. Bulk deal is priced slightly higher than GST3D but for the quality you get it with, it’s a no brainer! Will buy again

  2. Alex Rodrigues

    Great filament and it’s NOT China made! Talked to Drew over at Numakers and he said their PLA filaments are made from 3D850 resin which most of the high end US filament manufacturers use. Customer service is fantastic. Found my new filament brand!

  3. S.Y.

    Glossy filament. Benchys printed at original and 175 scale. 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height. 20% infill. No supports, rafts or brims. Ender 3 pro. Glass bed.

    Coworker recommended the filament. Seems like a pretty good quality filament and you can’t beat the price at sub $15/spool. I’ve printed some other things and no issues dialing in settings. Other than using ‘purple’ glue stick and a relatively slow initial layer speed(just preference)… It’s easy to get good and consistent prints even with most default slicer settings(I used Cura).

    And you can’t beat the price. I’ve ordered a couple of other colors and can’t wait to take them for a spin.

    Numakers is a relatively new company but I think the filament is extruded and wound “in-house” not just a relabeled product.
    GLHF 🙂

  4. “Happy” Customer

    Right out of the box, this filament feels heavier than most rolls of PLA from other companies. This makes me think either extra is loaded onto this spool, or other companies short change you. Either way, you come out on top with this filament.

    Comes with a card with printing instructions. Looks like it prefers slightly higher temperatures, but nothing crazy.

    First print was a Benchy on an Ender 3. 230C nozzle, 60C bed, 50 mm/s, 20% triangle infill, .8mm walls, .2mm layer height. Used a purple glue stick on a beat up glass bed. Not a perfect print, but for the first print out of the box, I’m plenty happy.

    This PLA has the potential to do fine prints with slight tuning, but for the price, is great for larger prints.

  5. Jon

    I recently tried black filament from this new company and I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this product. It seems to be made out of Natureworks 3D850 resin which other companies sell for $25-$35.

    Print quality was great and the printed parts turned out to be pretty strong. I annealed the printed parts and was able to boost toughness similar to ABS. There were no issues with printing i.e. no clogging, stripping or breaks and no adhesion issues.

    All that being said, I will be switching over from Hatchbox and Overture to Numakers. Why buy cheap Chinese filaments when you can buy high quality Natureworks 3D850 filament.

  6. Patrick

    Printed well on my CR-6 SE. I feed thru a heated box, so I can’t attest to any moisture. Adhesion was good, no issues. Excellent value, will buy numakers again!

  7. VP

    Decided to try out this new brand and I am very happy with it. Prints seems to be more shiny than other brands which could be a good thing or bad thing based on your preference. The spooling is perfect which no tangles. I read up on 3d850 Ingeo resin they are using to manufacture this filament and it’s the same resin used by most expensive manufacturers. Will stick to this brand for upcoming projects.

  8. Michael Miller

    I have zero issues with this filament.

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